Luis Enrique 'Kiki' Sanchez
Jazz Piano Instructor

SoBe Music Institute
751 Euclid Avenue, Suite 2
Miami Beach, Fl 33139
305 674-9220


  • SoBe Institute of the Arts - Piano Instructor (2007 - current)


Born in Lima, Peru, Luis Enrique 'Kiki' Sanchez was raised in a musical atmosphere that would influence his playing. His father, Maximo Sanchez, led Orquestra Majestic. Kiki began his formal education in Peru with Coco Macedo and Edermi Chavez. He molded himself into a well-rounded musician by playing in local bands such as La Peru Salsa All-Stars, his father's Orquestra Majestic, and La Unica, led by Anibal Lopez. To advance his musical career, he left his comfortable situation in Lima and moved to the United States. This led him to Miami, where he studied with jazz piano greats such as Jim Gasior, Mike Gerber, and Mike Orta; he polished his classical technique with Diana Molinari and Cassandra Hanna.

In his constant drive to remain occupied, he began doing recording sessions with local talents. He shares recording credits with Franklin Marcus, Arturo Sandoval, Israel 'Cachao' Lopez, and the band Oriente, led by Eddie Barzola.

Now making a name on his own, he performs solo or with a trio or quartet, composing and playing pieces such as 'Dreams', and recording a new CD which infuses Peruvian-folkloric rhythms with modern jazz melodies.

If music is the 'universal language', then this gifted musician speak to everyone. He can capture hearts through his mastery of various styles, such as jazz, classical, Andean, gospel, Brazilian, R&B, blues, pop, Afro-Peruvian and Afro-Cuban. He encourages all to explore; he will capture you through that 'universal language' that we all need to speak and hear. Have a pleasant journey.

Note added 2005:
Two recordings on which he has participated have been nominated for 2005 Latin Grammys:

1. 'La Onda Latina', with Frankie Marcos and Clouds: Kiki has credits in producing, programming, and on keyboards/piano; nominated for Best Traditional Tropical Album.

2. 'Blown Away', piano/keyboards on three songs, including 'Havana When I think of You' (a big hit on WLVE, 93.9FM), with Frankie Marcos and Arturo Sandoval; nominated for Best Instrumental Album.



































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