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December 2007
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:: Welcome our New Staff & Volunteers
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"Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of a genius." 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Announcing Winter & Spring After School Programs
Register online today
WINTER AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM begins on January 21 and runs 10 weeks until March 29.

taichikidssmallSPRING AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM begins on April 7 and runs 8 weeks until May 31.

Click to Register online for both programs now
Faculty of the Month
Viktor A. Nikolov, Pianist

viktorface2   You're the BEST Viktor A. Nikolov, pianist from SoBe Music Institute. What would we do without you;  your commitment to your students and our Institute is much appreciated and  we would like for our staff, students, parents and all SMI news readers to extend the same gratitude and show of appreciation by saying "Thanks," to Viktor for his dedication and always going that extra mile. To learn more about SMI's impressive instructors bios' like Viktor Nikolov, please visit our website

Carl Fisher Clubhouse Plain


Friday December 7, 2007Art Speak Series 7:00PM - Details to follow in email
Friday December 14, 2007 - SMI Fall Faculty Concert Gala - 7:30 PM
Fall Student Concert Gala - Saturday, December 15, 2007 4:00PM
Fall Faculty Concert Gala - Friday, December 14, 2007 7:00PM
SMI Ensemble Concert in Flamingo Park - City of Miami Beach - Art in the Parks - October 6, 2007



Jazz & Classical Concert the 2nd anniversary of MiamiArtZine at Miami Beach Botanical Gardens Wednesday November 7, 2007

Carson Kievman - Can Any Sound be Music?  - October 12, 2007
Oscar Garcia Montoya and Marcos Navarrette - Trumpet & Oboe Workshop - October 26, 2007
Claudio Garay, guitar concert - November 2, 2007
Volunteer of the Month
Ana Roloff, flautist

anaface  Ana Roloff is not just another generous soul to assist in the office, or with the children and in many other facets'; but she's also an accomplished flutist with many prestigious honors and awards as testimony to her many gifts that Anna unselfishly shares with SoBe Music Institute. We too now honor you Anna and thank you for all that you do and are.
Welcome our New Staff & Volunteers

You ARE essential - Thanks! 
Silvia J. Thornton, Office Manager
"Dear Friends:  I am thrilled to be part of this institute and to be able to share your experience. Every day is a joy because together we are building something very important for our community. I want to thank everybody for welcoming me so kindly and I look forward to continuing our work together. Thank you all for your support." Silvia    
Adam Chevitz, Intern

Ronald A. Ungar, CPA (Gerson, Preston, Robinson and Co., P.A.) Volunteer
Vanetta Nikolov, Finance Volunteer
Tracy Anderson, Marketing Volunteer

Monica Duran, Parent Volunteer
Janice Koch, Parent Volunteer
Margurite Ramos, Parent Volunteer
Eliane Siegal, Parent Volunteer 

Carl Fisher Clubhouse Plain

Advisor's Angle
Jack Firestone


Growing up in Youngstown, Ohio in the 1950s, the highlight of my school year was the annual trip to hear the Symphony. I was able to join the high school band in sixth grade and studied saxophone with the band director. Since we had no football at our school, the Liberty HS Band didn't march, we were a concert band and our director was the principal violist of the Symphony. We played concert music and were intimately exposed to the best classical repertoire arranged for band.  We got free tickets to the major Symphony concerts. My parents were also subscribers so we went to concerts together. I grew up with music in my life, playing in Jr. Symphony and going to music camp.


When I chose orchestra management as my first career, the Albany Symphony had "Be My Guest Programs" where for $1 tickets were underwritten for high school students. I brought this program to the Louisville Orchestra as well.


Life has changed today. Our children are not taken to concerts by their schools, nor by their parents. Music has for all intents and purposes been removed from the curriculum and children today know nothing about serious music.


This is why SoBe Music Institute is so important to the community. There needs to be a refuge for people of all ages, but especially our young people to have access to the world of music. Without a professional Symphony in our community or music in our schools many of the roles these major institutions would normally play, must be taken up by the non-profit arts if we are to have access at all. We need to support these organizations with our time, energy and most especially money.


Jack M. Firestone


Firestone Capital Management, Inc.

Coral Gables, FL

Member SMI Advisory Board
Welcome Our New Advisory Board Members
KarenFrydFaceKaren Fryd, President, South Florida Youth Foundation - click learn more - channel 10 news video  (Sept. 07)

Jeffrey M. Blumenthal,
DDS Miami Beach (Nov. 07)

michaelandrewsfullMichael Andrews, Director, South Beach Chamber Ensemble & SMI Faculty (Oct. 07)

Welcomed our New Faculty Members

From A to U
 TAICHI AKUTSU, VIOLIN - TaichiMr. Akutsu has a Masters Degree in Music from Manhattan School of Music, a Performance Certificate from Mannes College of Music and a Bachelors in Music from Tokyo College of Music. A fellow with the New World Symphony Taichi joined SMI's faculty in Fall 2007.
- MATTCMr. Carrington has a Masters Degree in Music and A Performance Certificate from the School of Music at Indiana University and a Bachelors in Music from University of California - Santa Cruz. A fellow with the New World Symphony Taichi joined SMI's faculty in Fall 2007.
 tommoorefaceTHOMAS MOORE, VIOLIN - Active as a soloist, concertmaster and chamber musician, Thomas Moore, violinist, has performed world-wide in tours and concerts throughout Europe, the Soviet Union, South Africa, Canada, the United States, and South America.
 MARCO A. NAVARETTE, OBOE - narcifaceMr. Navarette has performed with the University of Illinois Wind Symphony, The Sinfonia da Camera and the Gold Coast Opera among many professional experiences.
 anafaceANA ROLOFF, FLUTE - Ms. Roloff participated in the 2006-2007 Florida Grand Opera Season at the Sanford and Dolores Ziff Ballet Opera House at the Carnival Center for the Performing Arts and the Au-Rene Theater at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.

  KIKI SANCHEZ, JAZZ PIANO - kikifaceNominated for 2 Grammys in 2005, this gifted musician speak to everyone. He can capture hearts through his mastery of various styles, such as jazz, classical, Andean, gospel, Brazilian, R&B, blues, pop, Afro-Peruvian and Afro-Cuban.
 JOHN SHORTRIDGE, ROCK/JAZZ/POP GUITAR - sobe logoMr. Shortridge received his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Miami in Guitar Performance. A freelance musician in South Florida, he has played extensively in Styles from Rock, Pop, Gospel, Acoustic to Jazz/Bigband.
 FERNANDO ULIBARRI, JAZZ/ROCK GUITAR - fernandofaceMr. Ulibarri has studied at the Universidad de Costa Rica, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, Berklee College of Music. He holds a dual bachelor's degree in Jazz Composition and Music Synthesis, and a Master of Music in performance.  He has performed professionally at Carnegie Hall, Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica, and many other venues in both the United States and abroad.
Outreach Events
Visiting Area Schools
Part of our mission is to make high-quality music education available to everyone in South FloridaSt. Patricks.  To reach our goal an obvious part of our activities involves reaching out to the communities to make them aware of the that end we offer Open Friday Events and Outside Concerts. 
However, did you know we arrange for our faculty to talk and play at area schools?  So far this fall we have visited classes at Miami Beach Senior High School and Nautilus Middle School.  We will also be visiting Casa dei Bambini MontessoriSt. Patrick School as well as St. Joseph's School December.
 If you would like SoBe Music Institute faculty to do a presentation at your school, please contact Adam Chevitz at 305-674-9220.
SMI Kids & Parents News
Introducing kids to music is like introducing them to reading, don't wait for formal classes to start
Just as you read to your very young children, you should sing to them (whether you consider yourself a decent singer or not), dance with them, teach them singing games like "Ring Around the Rosy", and share with them the music that you like. Exposing them to classical music, using the many videos, books, and tapes available, can't hurt, either, but at a very young age they will be most engaged by what engages you. In some communities, there are parent/child group classes that introduce children to the basic concepts of music. To find out what's available in your area, check with any group that organizes extra-curricular activities for young children. This may be your local park district, YMCA, public library, music academy, community college, or local university. The emphasis at a very young age should be on how fun music is.

Quick Tip: For any instrument making activity, here are some helpful supplies to have on hand for all of your decorating ideas. Keeping items such as the following in a large plastic storage container makes for easy access and quick clean up.

Sequins                  Cellophane                Scissors

Buttons                  Construction paper     Glue

Yarn                      Magazines                 Paint

Colored pencils        Sand                        Ribbon      

Photos                   Glitter                      Masking tape                          
Beads                       Markers  
kids quote





Empty oatmeal box, yarn,  pen, 2 pencils, 2 spools, construction paper, and crayons. Before beginning, decorate your oatmeal box with construction paper and/ or crayons for colorful effect. Place the cover on the box. Use a pen to make a hole in the center of  the cover and in the center of the bottom of the box. Through these holes, pull a piece of yarn long enough to hang from shoulder of child to waist of child. For the drumsticks, place the spools at the end of the pencils, secure with glue if necessary.

Beat to play and have fun!

Please Give Until it ....Feels Good!
Double your Pleasure with Matching Grants

flutemouth Dear Friends & Family - The foundations and government agencies listed below have offered SoBe Music Institute matching grants.  Your individual contributions are not only absolutely essential to our survival and growth in our mission to create a world-class institute of the arts for community and higher education in Miami-Dade, but will be matched for every dollar you donate, and therefore your contribution to our mission now will have a much bigger impact than would normally be the case.  SoBe Music Institute is operated by Mystery Park Arts Company, Inc. a 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit Arts and Arts Educational Organization Tax id 13-3462092
carsonfaceHappy Holidays!
Executive Artistic Director

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