THIS WEEK FRIDAY - MAY 2 - 7:00PM "Open Friday @ SoBe Music Institute"


NEXT WEEK FRIDAY - MAY 9, 2008 - 7:00PM "Open Friday @ SoBe Music Institute"


Your travel guide is the exceptionally talented Latin Jazz pianist Kiki Sanchez, who has contributed to several albums that are currently being considered for Latin American Grammy's. A native of Peru with an authentic fluency in jazz, Cuban and Brazilian styles, Kiki's fellow musicians will include one or more Latin percussionists or other players. This fun and lively educational concert event will be a unique and memorable experience. Audiences participate with clapping, singing, tapping their feet and making fabulous music with the native Afro-Peruvian instruments provided by the band. During the event children and their families will learn about Peru, and its geography, customs and foods, and they'll experience the true ethnic rhythms of the people, their music and more!

SoBe Music Institute (MAP)
2100 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach,  Florida 33139
(Located behind the 21st Street Recreation Center)
MORE: Metered parking available nearby at 21st & Park Avenue 
(next to the Bass Museum/Library & Miami City Ballet at Collins Park)
OUR SPRING MUSIC FOR YOUTH & MUSIC FOR ADULTS PROGRAMS run through May 29 - Enrollment is limited so register online today (Note: SoBe Music Institute Music for Youth spring participants will be performing for the Children's Trust Showcase "Growing up with the Arts" at the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts on June 1, 2008). Also, please remember to sign up for our popular Summer Music for Youth & Music for Adults immersion programs which this year runs between June 16 to August 16 (register online - enrollment limited).
May & June Calendar - Open Friday @ SoBe Music Institute
May 2 7:00PM: INSIDE MUSIC - Intimate Sounds: Baroque Terraces. Music by Bach, Handel, Corelli, Scarlatti & Logy - Ebonee Thomas, Taichi Akutsu, Viktor Nikolov, Oscar Garcia-Montoya, Ryoji Yamaguchi 
May 9 7:30PM: INSIDE MUSIC - SMI Chamber Ensemble: The Baroque Era. Music by Bach - Double Concerto for Oboe & Violin; Orchestral Suite #2 & More - Marco Antonio Navarrete, Taichi Akutsu, Yuna Lee, Sebastien Gingras, Dustin Budish, Matthew Way, Adam Chefitz.
*May 10 10:00AM - Saturday Special:  MUSIC UNITES - Peruvian Sounds - Kiki Sanchez
May 16 7:30PM: INSIDE MUSIC -  Spring Faculty Concert: Classical Style
*May 17 4:00PM - Saturday Special: SMI Student Spring Gala & Picnic
May 23 7:30PM: INSIDE MUSIC - Intimate Sounds: Classical & Romantic 
May 30 7:30PM: ARTS SPEAKS - 20th Century Master Composers: Messiaen & Partch
 * program date change
June 1 4:00PM- Sunday Special: SoBe Music Institute has been invited as one of several organizations to participate in the upcoming Children's Trust Showcase "Growing up with the Arts" at the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts.  Music for Youth spring participants will be performing for the Children's Trust Showcase.

June 6 7:30PM: INSIDE MUSIC - SMI Chamber Ensemble: The Romantic Era

June 13 7:30PM: INSIDE MUSIC - Intimate Sounds: Romantic & Modern Music

June 14 10:00AM - Saturday Special: MUSIC UNITES

June 20 7:30PM: INSIDE MUSIC - SMI Chamber Ensemble: 20th & 21st Century Music
June 27 7:30PM: ART SPEAKS - 20th Century Master Composers: Gygöry Ligeti

·    The Inside Music Series will acquaint local audiences with distinct stages of Western art music, from the end of the medieval period to contemporary times, featuring solo, duet, trios and quartets ("Intimate Sounds") and the SoBe Music Institute Chamber Ensemble.

·    The Art Speaks Series, a monthly multimedia lecture & discussion, will focus on 20th Century Master Composers.  Music and its intersections with art and film are presented by composer and Executive Artistic Director Carson Kievman, Ph.D.

 ·    Music Unites, a new series of Saturday morning performances, features musical stylesfrom other countries at the Carl Fisher Clubhouse outdoor plaza. Music Unites is a community project allowing families to learn and experience otger cultures through the power of music.  Each performance will be interactive, encouraging children and adults to dance and to ask questions about the music and its cultutre. 

Open Fridays from April 4 through June 27 are made possible, in part, by the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs through a Community Arts Grant - Series sponsors and individual matching contributions help to keep Open Friday @ SoBe Music Institute free to all.  Please consider sponsoring one or more events or donating to SoBe Music Institute today, online through Mystery Park Arts Company, Inc. our 501 (c)(3) non profit arts and education organization, or Contact Silvia Thornton, Office Manager for information on making a tax-deductible contribution to our programs, concerts, instrument & library fund.